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Thomson Engineered Polymers with Internal Lubrication

Posted by Jim White

Apr 4, 2014 9:12:51 AM

We receive many questions about ourThomson Engineered Polymers (TEP). The beauty of this material is that it eliminates the need for grease or a secondary oiling process. The material used in nyliners is just as important as the design. Our TEP’s are tough, resilient, water-resistant plastics that provide our customers with low coefficient of friction with-out any secondary lubrication.


Thomson Engineered Polymer TEP’s are internally lubricated material where the lubrication is impregnated into the resin. In an application the rotational speed of the shaft or pivot linkage creates very low friction and heat which enable microscopic chambers to burst enabling the lubrication to flow on a microscopic level within the material. This will enable us to sustain very low coefficient of Friction levels without the need for secondary oiling or greasing processes.

Expertly designed and precision molded by the leader in bearing technology, Thomson offers superior performance advantages including:

  • Low Cost
  • Long Service Life / Low Maintenance
  • Low Friction / High Performance
  • No Lubrication Needed
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation
  • Hundreds of Materials to Satisfy Your Requirements

You can learn more by reading our brochure, and for more general information on our products, visit our website.

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Written by Jim White

Jim is currently the National Sales Manager for Thomson and specializes in assisting customers create custom designed solutions to solve their problems.


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