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Custom Mold Solutions Result in Metal Replacement Cost Reductions

Posted by Jim White

Apr 3, 2014 1:44:00 PM

Danaher is currently working with several engineering/purchasing departments on new cost reduction applications utilizing our custom wear and friction injection molding/material expertise, specifically to eliminate metal components and consolidate assembly operations.  We have been successful in the replacement of powder metal & bronze components at major Automotive-Marine-Lawn Garden-Appliance manufactures to support our customers cost reduction initiatives.


Danaher offers a unique ability to manufacture customer solutions off fabricated custom tooling to optimize part geometry cost and assembly efficiency for our customers.   

Danaher Thomson Molded Products provide the following custom solution services to our customers:

  • New Product Development
  • Application Engineering
  • Material Consulting
  • Rapid Low Cost Prototype Sampling
  • In House Production Tool Design and Build

VA/VE Customer Application Successes

  • Lowered piece price vs Metal/Bronze
  • Eliminated Metal Bearing with high compressive strength low friction polymer
  • Consolidate part assembly processes
  • Eliminated press fit assembly operations needed for metal bearings
  • Eliminated secondary oiling-greasing processes.
  • Fastener Vibration Reduction

Custom Metal Replacement Advantages

  • Lower Cost Alternative to Metallic Bearings
  • Dampens Metal on Metal Contact Reducing Vibration
  • Eliminate Secondary Press Fit Assembly Operations
  • One Piece Assembly Eliminates Tolerance Stack Up Dimension
  • Consolidates Two Parts into One

To learn more about our custom solutions, please visit Thomson Nyliner or contact one of our knowledgable applications support team members.

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Written by Jim White

Jim is currently the National Sales Manager for Thomson and specializes in assisting customers create custom designed solutions to solve their problems.


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