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Snap-Lock® Technology Is What You Need

Posted by Ed Kenny

Nov 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM

The SNAP-LOCK® Technology is what makes our remote indication devices so unique. Utilizing this technology in our design enables us to produce a robust, highly reliable and trusted product for the nuclear industry.

Our solutions have a “snap” action which enables a quick action from one position to another, effectively elimi­nating deadband. The contacts are forced to be in one position or the other and cannot dwell in between open or closed.

Instead of relying on spring or magnetic force, each switch has a locking mechanism that mechanically forces the contacts to stay closed until released by the trip lever. This eliminates any possible contact chatter due to vibration or seismic events.

NAMCO utilizes three different SNAP-LOCK® mechanisms (Cam Type, Rocker Type and Magnetic Prox Type) detailed in the drawings below. The type of mechanism selected is based on your application.

cam-drawing1 rocker-drawing Mag_Prox_Type

NAMCO Position Indication Switches with SNAP-LOCK® technology are used throughout the power generation industry for a variety of critical applications.

  • Valve Position Indication: From the MSIV to Balance of Plant
  • Actuator Position
  • Conveying
  • Over Travel Protection
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Mobile Equipment
  • HVAC Dampers
  • Presence Detection
  • Door Closure
  • Level Detection

Learn more about our NAMCO's line of Nuclear Qualified Position Indication Switches featuring the SNAP-LOCK® technology by downloading our Nuclear Product Overview.

Download our Nuclear Product Overview


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Written by Ed Kenny

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