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Namco Limit Switch Installation Instructions | Danaher Specialty Products Blog

Posted by Doug Coe

May 19, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Many customers ask us where they can find the installation, maintenance and surveillance instructions for our nuclear qualified products. Ready access to all of the maintenance requirements is provided as part of the applicable Namco Qualification Test Report (QTR) for NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® nuclear limit switches. These requirements are reflected in the document entitled Maintenance / Surveillance Instructions. The commercial NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® limit switches are shipped with installation and maintenance instructions.

NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® limit switchesEach Maintenance and Surveillance document contains information relating to recommended maintenance, periodic surveillance, replacement intervals, trouble analysis, installation, revision level / qualification status, maintenance kits, suggested tools and everything necessary for your maintenance program.

The document leads you through:

  • troubleshooting
  • required maintenance / surveillance / change out based on qualification status and installed conditions
  • available kits
  • needed tools
  • recommended torque values

If you need additional copies of the applicable Maintenance / Surveillance Instructions, you can download it now. If you need the NAMCO SNAP-LOCK® nucelar QTR, please identify the specific Namco part number under discussion and contact us.

Download the Limit Switch Installation Guide Now!

Another helpful resource is Selection of Electro-mechanical Limit Switches.

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